Emilia’s Kids has teamed up with Krav Maga Center of America to offer Fit Pre-K.

Our preschool programs combine fast paced, fun fitness activities with games so we have their attention. Understanding that many children have short attention spans, we make sure our preschool classes match the needs of our audience and that they’re high energy and versatile to keep the kids engaged and excited the entire time.

In every facility that we work in, parents rave about this program. Few institutions take the necessary steps to truly develop the health and well being of their members. By bringing in this dynamic, affordable and highly marketable program you will not only thrill the parents that are already your customers, but make it so much more attractive for future parents you will deal with.

In addition to working with countless preschools, our staff works with the NYC Board of Education, SUNY and CUNY university systems, hundreds
of community centers, and kindergartens. We tailor our programs to the age demographic of our participants.


These skills are vital for an increase in self esteem, confidence, team work and leadership, just to name a few.  Classes will be held outside in the sunshine when possible or in our inside gym during the winter.  We are dedicated to children learning healthy habits that will continue with them for life.  Exercise and nutrition are the cornerstone to health.




Creative team management and leadership improvement.


Creating a stronger, more effective and motivated workforce.



Minimizing Stress

Dealing with anger, aggression, burnout
 and stress.


Building team members who are more assertive and passionate.


Social Development

Tools for dealing with conflict in the workplace and beyond.

Crunch Time

Decision making under pressure and 
 stressful conditions.